Welcome to my website! This page hosts information about my piano teaching as well as other projects. 

About Me

Besides being a teacher for over 20 years, I am the founder of of Greater Austin Music Academy in Austin and co-owner of Premier Music Academy in Round Rock. I was a founding member of Austin Piano Festival and served as its President for four years. I also edit the popular piano website PianoBlog.com.

I have two degrees in music, and moved to Austin years ago to pursue graduate studies in music theory and study in the studio of renowned pianist Anton Nel. Making my orchestral debut at the age of 15, I have performed for over 30 years and have taught for well over two decades. I am also an Alumnus of The Aspen Music Festival where I studied under Jean-David Coen. Other primary teachers include Ruth Jones, Gene Yenni, Lee Mitchell (formerly Peabody) and Eric Ruple (JMU). I have had supplemental studies with many other pianists. Most notably, my teaching and playing and teaching is strongly influenced by my work with Charles Fisher.

My other interests include business, philosophy, literature, fitness, and the arts.

My Piano Studio

Teaching classical piano has been a passion of mine for over two decades. I have worked with literally all levels and ages, and many of my students have gone on to pursue their own careers and paths in music. I have successfully coached students for auditions at both undergraduate and graduate programs, and members of my studio have gone on to study at universities and music conservatories in both the US and Europe.

My students have also performed and competed widely, and have been soloists with (and had compositions performed by)  groups such as the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Austin Civic Orchestra. While I teach in Austin, I am proud to have had students from surrounding cities such as New Braunfels and College Station.

About my teaching

Most people describe my teaching style as warm and supportive, and I have a naturally friendly personality.

My primary motivation in teaching is a love for the music at hand and a desire to help my students develop as complete musicians. For this reason, unlike some teachers, I do not stress competitions and similar events and do not focus on them as a centerpiece of my teaching. However, I am glad to coach for these events when it is in a student’s interest, and my students have placed first or very highly in nearly all of the notable local and state competitions. 

My main interest is in working with committed students who play either for their own pleasure or who hope to continue in higher education involving music. Among other things, lessons focus on sound control and listening, good technical habits (and correcting bad ones), a knowledge of the piano literature, music theory, and exploring the emotional content of the music we are working on.

I am out of town part-time, and students have approximately 3 lessons a month. My studio size is extremely small, with a minimum lesson length of one hour. 

Becoming a Student

If you are interested in studying with me, please e-mail me at matt@mattmclaughlin.net – I am very happy to help you find the perfect teacher, whether myself or another teacher in the area!

Fees and Policies:

Initial Interview/Lesson: $100 

Lesson Rates: $100 per hour

Cancellation policy: I collect payment for the the weeks I will be in town at the beginning of every month. Because of my very limited studio size I have a strict no-refund policy. I try to be as reasonable as possible with minor time shifts and so on.

Student Examples

Below are some student examples from past recitals.

Piano Teacher Austin, TX

With my student Sarah who is currently a graduate student in piano performance at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Sarah was an excellent student of mine for several years, and while studying with me prepared and was admitted to this graduate academy.

With my student Trevor. Trevor has since gone on to receive his bachelors degree in composition from The University of Colorado, Boulder. While my student he successfully applied to many music programs throughout the country and had compositions premiered by groups such as the Austin Symphony Orchestra.

Rebecca Piano Student

My student Rebecca and I after her performance with the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Rebecca performed with several groups and won numerous competitions as my student.