Welcome to my website! This is a home for some of my projects . . . past, present, and future.  

Piano Teaching – I don’t teach too many students these days, but for several years teaching was my full time profession. 

PianoBlog – A blog I made about all things related to piano. This also contains some lessons I made.

NoBossNinja – I’ve started making some short podcasts about things I’ve learned in starting businesses and becoming financially independent (a continuing goal of mine). I hope to explore some ideas relating to mindset and psychology of having a business and living independently because these are the biggest challenges I’ve encountered myself.

A bit about me if you’re interested. . . 

I enjoy taking on new projects and learning things. I started Greater Austin Music Academy a few years ago and am also co-owner of Premier Music Academy in Round Rock. I was a founding member of Austin Piano Festival and served as its President for four years. I also edit PianoBlog.com.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I have two degrees in music, and moved to Austin years ago to work on a graduate degree in music theory and study in the studio of the pianist Anton Nel.

I grew up in a small town in Delaware, and fell in love with classical music as a child. I was very lucky to play as an orchestral soloist at the age of 15 and have continued to perform ever since. In recent years my focus has been much more on teaching and other projects than on public performance. I am also an Alumnus of The Aspen Music Festival where I studied under Jean-David Coen. Other primary teachers include Ruth Jones, Gene Yenni, Lee Mitchell (formerly Peabody) and Eric Ruple (JMU). I have had supplemental studies with many other pianists was strongly influenced by my work with Charles Fisher.

Other interests include travel, business, and philosophy.