13335542_10208798793942231_3345794616032298681_nWelcome my website. This site is a hub for my various interests including piano, piano lessons, teaching, business and personal improvement in many areas. If you are searching for piano lessons in Austin, TX you can now find most information about my school and teaching at Greater Austin Music Academy.

Unfortunately, while I love to teach, time commitments restrict me from accepting new piano students. I do, however, teach a handful of highly committed and high level piano students. If this sort of thing interests you, please feel free visit my piano lessons page.

In the meantime, I am currently updating this page with information from several sources I’m involved with. Some of the upcoming materials I will post are listed below:

PianoBlog.com – A repository of all kinds of my writing and videos on piano playing and teaching. This includes advice and tutorials on technique and practice.

My own failures and successes in business/life.

Self Improvement, Time Management, Etc. – I am currently migrating over a ton of articles I’ve written on these subjects.

About My Interests, Piano and Otherwise

As a teacher, my professional piano lessons studio ranges from complete beginners through very advanced conservatory level pianists. Because of a very busy schedule I can only accept serious students on an audition basis.

Besides teaching I am extremely active in the Austin arts community. I am a founding member and artistic director of Austin Piano Festival am very active in the Austin Music Teachers Association as a Vice President and Student Events Chair and past chair of several contests and festivals, and maintain the popular blog PianoBlog.com

I have two degrees in music, and moved to Austin years ago to pursue graduate studies in music theory and study in the studio of renowned pianist Anton Nel. Making my orchestral debut at the age of 15, I have performed for over 20 years and have taught for well over a decade.

When I am not teaching or performing I am active in a wide range of interests such as philosophy, literature, fitness, and the arts.