Here’s what I’m up to right now. (Updated August 3, 2019)

Getting back into my morning routine. (Coffee + Gym + Spanish Study + Affirmations)

Planning new events for my music school. This morning we had a composition seminar and it was very cool. Plus some other more mundane business activities.

Still working on the online lessons at PianoBlog.

Thinking about my next trip/temporary living situation. Most likely I’ll return to my favorite secret city: Medellín, Colombia.

I continue to make daily videos on Matt Wanders which are more like journal entries than anything else. My earlier videos were attempts at something more elaborate, but now I’ve just decided to check in. No one really watches them but I don’t care. It’s a way for me to clarify whatever I’m thinking about.

What’s next? I continue to think about that. I do feel like something is next and I’m still trying to figure it out. My overarching value continues to be freedom and artistic fulfillment, with wealth as a close third but only because it’s a fun game to play and because it helps with the first 2. So, what’s next?

Here are a few pictures and videos of Medellín – one of my favorite cities in the world: