About Piano Lessons

Please note that although I am unable to accept new students at this time, we have many amazing teachers at Greater Austin Music Academy in North-Central Austin, and Premier Music Academy in Round Rock. If you are interested in finding a great piano teacher please e-mail me and I will be happy to help!

About my Teaching

Most people describe my teaching style as warm and supportive, and I have a naturally friendly personality.

My teaching is focused around a love of music, and despite having prizewinning students, I do not to teach “to competitions”. My main interest is in working with committed students who play either for their own pleasure or who hope to continue in higher education involving music. My goal is to work alongside students in overcoming weaknesses and help each student find their own unique voice while exploring great music. Among other things, lessons focus on sound control and listening, good technical habits (and correcting bad ones), piano literature, and music theory.

I am out of town part-time, and students have approximately 3 lessons a month. My studio size is extremely small, with a minimum lesson length of one hour. 

Piano Students

I am very happy to help you find the perfect teacher, whether myself or another teacher in the area! You can e-mail me at matt@mattmclaughlin.net

Fees and Policies (Please note: I run my studio separately from Greater Austin Music Academy or Premier Music Academy and follow different policies/calendar).

Initial Interview/Lesson: $100 

Lesson Rates: $100 per hour

Cancellation policy: Payments and scheduling are collected at the beginning of each month. Because limited studio size I have a strict no-refund policy. I try to be very reasonable with minor time shifts and so on.