Studio Policy

Last Update – August 30, 2016

1) About this Policy

Please review this policy carefully before beginning lessons. I try to be quite fair with all of these rules, but please remember that I have quite a few students and that this is my income. Because of that, I do have to be strict sometimes with the policy regarding missed lessons and makeup lessons.

This is not a contract. You may discontinue lessons at any time, but must give at least two weeks notice before the final lesson. These two weeks must be paid regardless of whether lessons are attended or not. There are no refunds for discontinued lessons.

2) Payment

(Applies to all non-adult students – Adult students see below)

I operate on a tuition based schedule, which means you pay the same fee each month regardless of the number of lessons. This fee also covers the cost of five studio classes throughout the year at $30 per studio class. (See my 2016-2017 schedule below for detailed schedule information). This fee is calculated from my standard non-adult with studio classes included. For all non-adult students enrollment is studio classes is mandatory and you are encouraged to attend them whenever possible.

School Year Tuition Rates (applies to September 2016 through May 2017, see schedule below for details):
30 minute lessons: 158.88 per month
45 minute lessons: 230.00 per month
60 minute lessons: 283.33 per month

Summer Tuition Rates:

30 minute lessons: 120 per month
45 minute lessons: 180 per month
60 minute lessons: 225 per month

b) Standard Rate Tuition

This rate applies to all adult students. Payment is handled as tuition at the beginning of the month. When a student agrees on a weekly day and time, that slot is reserved in my schedule and must be paid regardless of whether lessons are attended. For example, if you have Tuesday lessons, and there are four Tuesdays in June, you should pay for 4 lessons, even if you plan on missing one. Of course, no payment is required for weeks that I am not teaching .(See makeup policy below.) My current standard rate for new adult students is $45 per 30 minute lesson and $20 for every 15 minutes afterwards.

c) Do not assume there is no lesson simply because of a school, state, or religious holiday. I will probably not be teaching on major holidays, but will notify you of this in advance. My school year schedule is appended below this policy.

d) ***Please make checks out to: McLaughlin School of Music*** This is my business name.

3) Missed Lessons, Makeup Lessons, and Rescheduling

a) Makeup lessons are *fully at my discretion*. I try to be flexible with makeup lessons when lessons are missed due to extreme emergency (illness, inclement weather, etc.) or with advance notification such as vacation. However, this is completely at my discretion. Once a weekly time is agreed upon, the student is expected to pay monthly tuition for that day/time in order to maintain a spot in the studio.

b) No lesson will be rescheduled without written notice within 72 hours of the lesson time for any reason.

c) I should be notified in writing of planned absences such as vacation within 2 weeks of a lesson date.

d) Scheduled lessons missed by me will be rescheduled. Any time missed because I am tardy will be made up.

2016-2017 School Year Schedule:

Sept 28 – Oct 7: No Lessons (Wednesday Students can you possibly come earlier in the week?)
October 15 – Studio Class #1
November 24 – December 1: No Lessons: Thanksgiving Break (Students Traveling Before Thanksgiving day I am glad to reschedule to earlier in the week)
December 22 – January 4: No Lessons for Winter Holidays. Students on Sunday January 1
January 21 – Studio Class #2
February 11 – February 17: No Lessons
February 18 – Studio Class #3
March 13 – March 19: No Lessons – Spring Break
March 25 – Studio Class #4
May 6 – Dress Rehearsals (Studio Class #5 – Please Attend this if at all possible!)
May 12 at 7PM – End of Year School Recital
May 21 – May 26: No Lessons

2017 Summer Schedule (Tentative)
June 11-17: No Lessons
July 9-14: No Lessons
August 13-25: No Lessons