Student Reviews

Below are a few student reviews. You can read many more of myself and other Greater Austin Music Academy teachers on our Google Reviews Page.

With Rebecca after she performed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra

I took lessons from Matt for 6 years and I could not be more thankful to have had him as a teacher. As a student interested in entering competitions and festivals, I was searching for a teacher who would not only have the knowledge and skills to teach me at a higher level, but also the dedication to prepare me for frequent performances and help me maximize my potential. Matt’s depth of knowledge in a wide variety of music styles and strong background in music theory has given me valuable insight into every piece I have worked on. His attention to detail has helped me identify my weaknesses and systematically refine my technique and showmanship. Matt has always put in an tremendous amount of work into making sure I felt prepared for every performance. Every class was challenging and engaging but I never felt overwhelmed or pressured. His friendly personality creates a comfortable environment for students of all ages. I love how Matt allows freedom for individuals to explore their musicality, which has helped me better understand and experience the beauty of music. I would recommend Matt without hesitation to any student searching for a a higher level piano education or simply to explore music

Rebecca C.

Trevor is currently finishing his composition degree at UC Boulder

I started piano lessons with Matt four years ago at the beginning of high school. I had just moved to Austin from out of state, and was looking to continue the piano lessons I had been taking since second grade. After having preliminary lessons with several teachers in town, however, I was left feeling discouraged, depressed, and overwhelmed by the prospect of continuing piano. It was then that I had my first lesson with Matt. His very nice, friendly demeanor was extremely refreshing, and he was very adept at picking up where my last (less advanced) teacher had left off and then pushing me on to new heights. He helped me to rekindle my love for the piano, and for that I will always be immensely grateful. His comments are always helpful and insightful, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as both a pianist and a musician in general since I started lessons with him. He’s great with young beginners, too, as I’ve witnessed during his studio recitals; it’s very apparent that he enjoys teaching. Four years later, I’m headed off to music school to pursue a degree in composition (with piano as my applied instrument, of course). Matt was a great help throughout the long and stressful college audition process, and I felt very prepared and confident. I can proudly say that, with Matt’s help, I completed successful auditions at the San Francisco Conservatory, the Oberlin Conservatory, the Peabody Conservatory, UT Austin, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. I owe a great deal to Matt for getting me to where I am today, and I would strongly recommend him without question to anyone with a love of music looking to study piano.

Trevor V.

350838_903905_1437765122Having a master’s degree in music, I have had access to lots of teachers throughout the years but have never experienced the quality of techniques and musicality that I see at this school. The teachers are extremely professional with each having advanced degrees in music… not your average “living room lesson at my piano teacher’s house.” Students range from beginners to accomplished pianists, and can feel music in the air upon arrival! One gets the feeling of attending a major university piano lesson as opposed to another “ho-hum piano lesson!” It doesn’t matter the level, I see every student excited to be there and eager to learn! I feel very fortunate to be a part of this exciting school and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Mary A.